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As Donald Trump commences his presidency today, Barak Obama will observe a tradition that ushers the incoming president to office with grace and encouragement: a handwritten parting letter.  Although these letters are held out of the public eye for a time, today the National Archives released  letters from parting President Bill Clinton to George W. Bush and the letter from Bush to Barak Obama.

The National Archives include primary documents, photographs and records related to the nation’s history.  Many of these resources are available to view online, searchable in the National Archives catalog.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.31.38 AMYou can also dive into the National Archives Digital Vaults, in which you can shuffle and select thumbnail pictures of historic documents and artifacts.  When you move a picture to the center, Digital Vaults surrounds it by other related pictures and documents.  Here’s the link – have fun!


IMG_0112The library’s having a little fun with words this week – take away one letter from a book title and what do you get?

We have some here to get you started… let’s see what you can come up with!



imgresThe Vermont writers’ talent pool runs deep.  We’ve pulled some of our favorite books by local authors for the new display.  Come check one out!

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