My favorite character was…

“George because the whole story revolves around her.  She can present herself strongly as a girl.  She showed power.”

“Kelly because she supported George with the play and didn’t care that she wanted to be a girl.”

“George, because she was very strong.”

“Kelly, because she was a great friend to George.  She understood and helped George out!”

“Kelly, she was supportive and nice.”

“George because she showed female empowerment”

“Kelly, because she is cool, quirky, and accepts George for who she is.”

“George, because she’s trying to be a girl and it’s telling you you can be anything.”



We’re celebrating in the library by creating BLACKOUT POETRY (see an example below) and have pulled some of our favorite contemporary books of poetry to put on display.  Come raid the selection so we can bring out more!



With planting season right around the corner, you might be looking for inspiration as you plan this summers’ garden… stop by the library for some great resources!  For instant inspiration, check out Charlie Nardozzi’s web site where he shares tips and tricks from his experiences in the garden.  If you just want to know when to plant your vegetables, the University of Vermont has put together a comprehensive planting guide.  And of course, the Old Farmers’ Almanac is a veritable treasure trove for those looking for good old fashioned gardening advice.  Have fun!



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